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WELCOME TO Popovers & Passports!

Let Me Help You Plan Your Next Adventure

Hi Y’all! I’m Linnea (pronounced “lih-NAY-uh”) the Dallas-based travel blogger behind Popovers and Passports! 

I’ve spent the last several years exploring some of the most beautiful areas of the world, including Denmark, Portugal, and across the United States

My hope is the travel guides I create for you here inspire you to see the world you’ve dreamed of exploring. Thanks for coming along for the ride! 

What’s a “Popover”?

Instead of the delicious hot fluffy baked goods that come to mind when you think of a popover – I reimagined the word into a verb!  

I coined the word “popover” after seeing how it was possible to visit a place see the sights, experience the culture, and sample a few favorite local dishes all in 12-72 hours.

These travel guides are filled with “popover tips” on how to maximize your time in a new place. 

So grab your passport! Let’s go on an adventure together. 

All you need is love… and a passport

My Favorite Blog Posts!

Like many of you, I feel most at home when I’m exploring the world! Here are a few of my favorite blog posts with bucket list worthy experiences to up your travel game!