Popovers and Passports showcases the very best of a destination with tips on how to maximize your travels in a short period of time. 


I’m Linnea, a current Texas girl working in the aviation industry.  I love photography and exploring all parts of the world. I’m known for being young at heart and always in pursuit of my next great adventure. 

Over the years, my passion for travel continues to stem from my endless curiosity of exploring new cultures and meeting the people who live there. I’ve lived all over the United States. I caught the travel bug in the fall of 2013 during my time abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. During my time abroad, I visited 17 countries and 36 cities, and I knew this was something I was meant to do.


I created Popovers and Passports as a travel blog designed to guide you on how to make the most of your trips with a limited number of days, or even hours to spend in a new city. Because vacation days are limited, and we are only given 24 hours in a day, why not make every minute count when you’re somewhere new?

Popovers and Passports is a blog designed for those who want to maximize their time in destinations anywhere from 12-72 hours.   I’ll share with you everything you need to know from what landmarks not to miss-to where to eat and drink like a local. 


Unlike the delicious hot fluffy pastries that typically come to mind when you think of a popover I wanted to reinvent the word into something that you do.  I was in search of a new phrase to replace the overused “day trip” or “weekend trip”. 

I coined the word “popover” after witnessing how it was possible with a little planning to visit a city anywhere from 12-72 hours, see the major sights, experience the culture, and sample a few favorite local dishes all in 12-72 hours.

The word always rolled off my tongue and I loved the concept of essentially popping in a place and popping out shortly after. Hence a “popover” trip was born. 


To date, I have been to 39 countries and 5 continents which leaves me with hundreds of tips I can’t wait to share with you. Check out my current travel map here. My hope is to show my readers how traveling can be feasible and attainable for any budget-even with limited time.


I’m not a full-time blogger, and I enjoy my job in the aviation industry.  I admire the thousands of fellow bloggers who are full-time travel bloggers. Despite what it may look like on Instagram, it’s not easy being a full-time blogger! 

My recommendation when taking the leap into blogging is to do what’s best for your circumstances, but don’t feel like you need to quit your job to enjoy traveling. It may require you to save some extra vacation days, but in the end, I promise you’ll cherish your memories forever.


No matter what reasons you have for your trip, I hope this blog encourages you to see the world you’ve dreamed of exploring. From the exploring National Parks to the countryside of Vietnam and everything in between I want you to live an unapologetically fulfilled and passionate life. I’m a believer that the best stories are found between the pages of a passport, and it’s about time I share some of my own with you.

So grab your passport! Let’s go on an adventure together.