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Short on time for your upcoming trip to Traverse City, Michigan? Here’s a perfect weekend Itinerary for 2 days in Traverse City.

I have to admit, when I first started planning my trip to this town in northern Michigan, I knew very little! I heard this region was known for cherries, and I heard chatter about its up-and-coming wine region. However, I’m happy to report that after just 2 days in Traverse City, my mind was blown! Read below for all the details of this Traverse City itinerary-

After reading this article, check out my guide to Mackinac Island, Michigan (one of the most popular summer destinations in the U.S.)!

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Reasons to Love Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

Why You'll Love Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

Just an hour away from the busy city life of Portland, Oregon is the majestic Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, scenic viewpoints, hiking trails, and wineries – all with Mt. Hood hovering in the backdrop. This guide will answer everything you need to know for planning the perfect weekend trip to the Columbia River Gorge.

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Costa Rica 7 Day Itinerary

Best Things to Do in Costa Rica Itinerary 7 Days

Volcanoes and cloud forests are two things Costa Rica does best. Why not combine them all in one week? I put together the ultimate Costa Rica 7 day itinerary for the perfect vacation!  

If you’ve ever dreamed of soaring on cables ziplining through the clouds, riding an ATV through the jungle, chasing waterfalls, and soaking in the volcano heated hot springs this Costa Rica 7 day itinerary is for you! Here’s my perfect Costa Rica 7 day itinerary to maximize your time in the La Fortuna and Monteverde regions of Costa Rica.

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Machu Picchu sunrise

Machu Picchu is a traveler’s dream! An archeological wonder that still remains a mystery as to how it was created. 

You can plan a trip to Machu Picchu on a wide range of budgets, with as much or as little luxury as you would like. No matter which road you take to uncover the Lost City of the Incas your journey to Machu Picchu will be a trip of a lifetime! Here are my tips and tricks on how to plan your trip and navigate Machu Picchu. 

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Colorful. Captivating. Breathtaking. Cusco is a city where the past forms part of the present. Before visiting Machu Picchu, you will start in Cusco because it is the beginning of your journey for any trains, or treks you’ll want to take to discover the lost land of the Incas. 

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