Tromsø Safari

 A bucket list destination, the Paris of the North, the Capital of the Arctic. Tromsø, Norway goes by many names, but one thing is clear there’s no place like winter in Tromsø. A winter day in Tromsø can begin with dog sledding in the morning and end with the Northern Lights dancing above your head at night.

Tromsø is where your Arctic adventure begins, and where memories are made that will last you a lifetime. Are you curious as to what else may be waiting for you to discover in Tromsø? Read on for my 10 Must Do experiences during winter in Tromsø.

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restaurant kronborg

Smørrebrød is the famous Danish sandwich that every Dane will insist you try when you’re in Copenhagen! I’ve spent the past year searching for the best smørrebrød in Copenhagen. The list below is a collection of the best smørrebrød in Copenhagen with styles ranging from traditional to modern.

But first, let’s dive into a quick background on smørrebrød and its emerging role as a staple in the Danish culinary scene. 

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what not to miss in cinque terre

Nestled between the mountains of Pisa and Genoa lies the Cinque Terre (Chink-weh Tay-Reh).  With miles of stunning hiking trails alongside the sea you’ll quickly fall for its irresistible Italian charm. This guide has everything you need to navigate the Cinque Terre to help you plan an unforgettable getaway. In the spirit of Italy, go pour yourself a glass of wine – sit back and enjoy this guide on what not to miss in Cinque Terre!   

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The Norrmans: Copenhagen’s Best Bed & Breakfast

The Norrmans Boutique Bed and Breakfast Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re a traveler, food enthusiast, or a lover of all things interior design you’ll find an unforgettable experience waiting for you at The Norrmans. Just under an hour from Copenhagen, Denmark sits, The Norrmans, a boutique Bed and Breakfast, tucked in the middle of the Danish countryside. What was once an old farm has been converted to a whimsical oasis where guests come to relax and enjoy delicious food in beautiful surroundings.

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The Best Fastelavnsboller in Copenhagen

Best Fastelavnsboller in Copenhagen

Here’s a secret the Copenhagen guidebooks won’t tell you why YOU SHOULD visit Copenhagen in January and February –  it’s fastelavnsboller season!

If you haven’t lived in Scandinavia before, you’ve probably never heard of the holiday Fastelavn, or tried a fastelavnsboller before. I spent a week in Copenhagen in search of the best fastelavnsboller, and I was not disappointed! But first, here’s the background on the Fastelavn and fastelavnsboller

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