The Norrmans: Copenhagen’s Best Bed & Breakfast

The Norrmans Boutique Bed and Breakfast Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re a traveler, food enthusiast, or a lover of all things interior design you’ll find an unforgettable experience waiting for you at The Norrmans. Just under an hour from Copenhagen, Denmark sits, The Norrmans, a boutique Bed and Breakfast, tucked in the middle of the Danish countryside. What was once an old farm has been converted to a whimsical oasis where guests come to relax and enjoy delicious food in beautiful surroundings.

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The Norrmans Boutique Bed and Breakfast Copenhagen, Denmark

About The Normans Boutique Bed and Breakfast 

The vision for The Norrmans boutique bed and breakfast came from the Swedish couple Anna and Lars Norrmans. Anna and Lars were eager to escape city life and ready for a new opportunity to put their interior design skills to the test. They bought an old pig farm in the Danish countryside, and in just six months that very same pig farm was transformed into a charming boutique bed and breakfast fittingly called –  The Norrmans

Since 2018, Anna and Lars have welcomed guests from around the world to The Norrmans. They’re committed to ensuring their guests feel welcomed the moment they walk through the doors. To give you an idea, shortly after we put down our bags we were welcomed with a hot cup of coffee and homemade pastry.

Interior Design at The Norrmans 

Anna and Lars are world travelers and foodies with a passion for interior design that they have incorporated in the guest experience. In fact, most of the pieces of furniture and decor you see around the property have been brought back from their travels around the world from places like Bali, Sri Lanka, and Morocco.

If you fall in love with a particular piece of furniture, you might just be able to bring it home with you! You can visit the attic above the reception area that functions as their store. Their store is filled with one-of-a-kind lamps, ceramics, headboards, hammocks, and floor pillows that will add a fun element to any room in your home. 

Popover Tip: Bring a car if you’re at all tempted to purchase any pieces from their store! 


The Norrmans– countryside” has two different accommodations styles that you can choose to stay in based on your preferences.  You choose from the rustic Stables or the enchanting Villa. 

The rooms in the Stable have incorporated pieces from flea markets, and antique shops. The Stable is clean and minimalistic in design with an ambiance of a rustic-chic country escape. In contrast, the Villa exudes enchantment and a feeling of wanderlust. Both the rooms in the Stable and in the Villa have private bedrooms and bathrooms. The Stable has eight rooms and the Villa has four rooms. 

The Villa – A Luxury Countryside Escape 

The Norrmans Boutique Bed and Breakfast Copenhagen, Denmark

For the ultimate romantic getaway, you’re going to want to book a room in the Villa. The ambiance inside the bedrooms is chic and eclectic with a hint of tropical whimsy that excites your imagination towards exotic destinations. You’ll see cushions from Morocco with chandeliers hung from Bali. The rooms in the Villa have high ceilings, exposed wooden beams, colorful accent chairs, patterned rugs, and luscious plants everywhere! 

The Villa has two floors with four bedrooms. No two rooms in the Villa are the same. Each floor has additional common spaces exclusive for residents of the Villa. These common spaces are perfect if you’re looking to curl up with a book or enjoy a bottle of wine.  In addition to the bedrooms and common spaces, the Villa has a private kitchen and dining room – an ideal spot if you’re looking for a weekend getaway with a group of friends. 

We stayed on the top floor in “The Anna” room which felt more like a lush oasis than a bedroom thanks to the beautiful plants hung from the ceiling and the refreshing smell of incense. 

The toiletries were from “Nordic CPH” (made from 95% natural ingredients). The smell of these toiletries was refreshing and intoxicating all at the same time. You won’t find any televisions in your rooms here ( a much-needed disconnect), but the WiFi is fast and available throughout the property. 

Amenities Overview 

  • A three-course Dinner and Breakfast included 
  • Complimentary High Speed WiFi throughout the property
  • Afternoon “Fika” coffee/tea and dessert 
  • Gin and Tonic Bar with craft cocktails 
  • Jacuzzi that’s available for use 24/7 
  • Board Games/puzzles  
  • Bocce Ball – in a charming old barn 
  • Luxury toiletries from NordicCPH
  • Transportation to/from the train station
  • Complimentary parking 

The Food 

As world travelers, The Norrmans understand the role food plays in a travel experience. When designing their bed and breakfast menu, they wanted the food to be a critical component in the guest experience.  All stays include a delicious breakfast and dinner. 

After you check-in, you enjoy a traditional afternoon “fika“ with a homemade dessert and coffee. Fika is an old Swedish word that basically means to “meet up and have a coffee and something sweet while chit-chatting with friends”. It’s a perfect afternoon ritual that allows the mind to slow down and take time to enjoy conversation over the beloved Scandinavian drink.

The food at The Norrmans is outstanding. Lars and Anna brought on Scott Chancellor to create a whole new beverage and dining experience. Scott previously worked at restaurants such as Frantzén in Stockholm, AOC, Amass, and Relæ in Copenhagen. 

On the property, you can visit the kitchen garden where Scott grows The Norrmans own vegetables, berries, and herbs. Most of the vegetables you’ll eat are from the garden, and if it doesn’t the rest of the organic produce comes from nearby farms. They’re dedicated to making their property to be as sustainable as possible with a commitment to zero waste. 


Our dinner experience was outstanding from beginning to end. Three courses, homemade sourdough bread, and a wine pairing – what could be better. 

Dinner has been temporarily modified from a communal dining experience to a private dining experience held in the guests’ room. The private experience actually gave us time to enjoy the beautiful common area outside of our room. The Norrmans team went above and beyond decorating our table with candles creating a cozy ambiance. 

Scott outdid himself with this menu! Here’s what we ate: 

Organic Wine

Wine Pairing | All Wines are Organic

Starter | cod ceviche, kale, yuzu, topped with fried onions

Starter | cod ceviche, kale, yuzu, topped with fried onions

Main Dish | grilled pork, beans, kale cream

Main Dish | grilled pork, beans, kale cream

Dessert | quince curd, almonds, meringue

Dessert | quince curd, almonds, meringue

Popover Tip: If you have dietary restrictions, or are vegetarian/vegan they’re happy to accommodate any special requests with advance notice. 


The same attention to organic natural ingredients and flavor applies to their breakfast menu. Recently, they made some changes to breakfast. For example, to help stay true to their commitment to limit food waste, they now offer a la carte options for breakfast rather than a large breakfast buffet. 

 Eggs Benedict

Breakfast | The Norramans Eggs Benedict

Don’t miss ordering their mouthwatering eggs benedict that uses Scott’s homemade sourdough bread made from local grains. The coffee and tea they serve are all organic and fair trade. The skyr  (a yogurt with a similar consistency to Greek yogurt). It is fantastic, and the homemade jam that you can add to it is delicious.

We enjoyed our breakfast outside on one of The Norrmans plush lounge chairs! They have convenient breakfast trays and a thermos to keep your coffee warm if you want to take your breakfast to enjoy somewhere else on the property. 

How to Get There 

Closest Airports

  • Copenhagen Airport (CPH) in Denmark is the closest major airport at 40 miles (65 km) away by car. 
  • Malmö Airport (MMX) in Sweden is the second closest airport at 75 miles (120 km) away by car.  

By Car 

From Copenhagen, you can reach The Norrmans in just under an hour. Parking is complimentary on their property. 

By Train 

You can reach The Norrmans by train at the Varpelev train station. Get the S-train (Line E) from Copenhagen H to Køge Station and change to the local train once you arrive at Køge . Plan to spend around 1.5 – 2 hours traveling by train. 

The local train from Køge only departs to Varplev once every hour and you need to push a button to have the train stop at Varpelev. Once you arrive at the Varpelev station,  you can arrange for The Norrmans team to pick you up from the station. Google Maps will be your best friend to time your arrival and train times. 

Popover Tip: If you have a bike, it’s easy to bring your bike with you on the train. The bike ride is short (and flat!) from the Varpelev train station and allows you more flexibility.  

What to Do Nearby 

The area surrounding The Norrmans is perfect for visiting hidden gems of Denmark that the average tourist wouldn’t likely come across. Here are five of my favorite must-see spots within a short driving, or biking distance from The Norrmans

  1.  Steves Klint is a 140-feet-high white chalk limestone cliff south that spans 10 miles along the coast. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s known as the best place in the world to witness traces of the asteroid that hit the Earth 66 million years ago. 
  2.  Højerup church, a beautiful stone medieval church from the 13th century that sits on the edge of Stevns Klint. From the church balcony you have beautiful views of Stevs Klint.
  3.  Due to its strategic location, Stevns played an important role during the Cold War. You can visit the Cold War Museum and take a 1.5 hour guided tour of the nuclear attack-proof fortress that was built 60 feet below the ground and contains 1 mile of underground passageways carved out of Stevns Klint. 
  4. Camp Adventure became a sensation on social media when it first opened a few years ago thanks to its unique architectural design and majestic views. A spiral ramp up lets you walk alongside the trees and finishes at 150 feet overlooking the top forest. 
  5. Castles! It’s not a weekend getaway in Europe without a trip to a few castles. Vallø castle and Gjorslev manors are both nearby The Norrmans with beautiful grounds you can explore.  

Tips For Visiting 

  • We stayed for one night, but two nights is the perfect amount of time if you’re interested in exploring the landmarks nearby. If you stay for two nights your dinner menu will be different each night. 
  • Check-in is at 3:00 p.m., and checkout is at 11:00 a.m. Plan to arrive right around check-in to begin enjoying the property and relaxing.  
  • Pack your swimsuit for the jacuzzi! I’d recommend also packing a pair of slippers for the hardwood floors to keep your feet warm. 
  • Bring a car if you want to buy any furniture from their store.
  • Reserve your room in advance (especially if you want to book in The Villa). Their current cancellation policy is that you need to cancel at least one week from the reservation date in order for your stay to be refunded. 
  • You can bring your dog for free!

Final Thoughts 

Escape to The Norrmans boutique bed and breakfast just south of Copenhagen for the ultimate getaway. The Norrmans is so much more than a place to sleep and eat – it’s an immersive experience where the myriad of small details make your stay filled with unique and special memories.

Take a break from the city life of Copenhagen and spend a weekend in the Danish countryside surrounded by beautiful decor, delicious food, and the friendliest hosts. 

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      It depends which room you book, but the prices are on their website! It is on the pricer side which is why we only stayed one night

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