Wine Barrels Quinta da Pacheca

Wake up in wine paradise at hotel Quinta da Pacheca! Located in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal, Quinta da Pacheca is the ultimate place to stay for any wine lover! 

Quinta da Pacheca offers their guests a one-of-a-kind experience to stay in one of their 10 oversized wine barrel suites. These luxury wine barrel suites are custom designed with unique features; including a round bed, a private balcony overlooking the vineyards, and a skylight for stargazing. 

I had the incredible opportunity to stay inside one of these beautiful wine barrels. Now I’m sharing everything you need to know about getting a reservation, when to visit, what experiences to book, and what it’s really like to stay in a wine barrel suite at hotel Quinta da Pacheca.

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Hotel Quinta da Pacheca Wine Barrel 

Where is Hotel Quinta da Pacheca? 

Quinta da Pacheca is located in Northern Portugal in a charming town called Lamego. Lamego is surrounded by the vineyard-covered hills in the heart of the Douro Valley wine region which is world famous as the birthplace of port wine.

The nearest airport to Quinta Da Pacheca is Porto (OPO). 

Getting to Hotel Quinta da Pacheca from Porto 

Quinta da Pacheca wine barrels

Rent a Car 

The easiest way to get to Hotel Quinta da Pacheca from Porto is to rent a car and drive. 

I recommend renting a car from Porto’s airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO), and driving to Quinta da Pacheca. The drive from the airport to Quinta da Pacheca is around 90 minutes. Parking is complimentary at Quinta da Pacheca

Popover Tip: If you rent a car and drive to Quinta da Pacheca make sure your rental car has a toll tag. The fastest route to Quinta da Pacheca includes a handful of toll roads. 

Private Car Transfer

 Alternatively, you can book a private transfer to/from Porto through Quinta da Pacheca that will be tailored to your travel schedule. A private car for two is € 330 per one-way. 


 I would not recommend traveling to Quinta da Pacheca by train. The journey by train nearly doubles your travel time, and you will need to find a taxi once you arrive in Lamego to Quinta da Pacheca

When to Visit Hotel Quinta da Pacheca 

Wine Barrels Portugal

Any wine lover will tell you the best time to visit the Douro Valley wine region is during harvest season from September to October. Wine tastings are available all year round, but the region really comes to life during harvest season. At Quinta da Pacheca you can book experiences that allow you to help pick grapes (even stomp grapes!) during the harvest season from the middle of September to early October. 

We visited Quinta da Pacheca in early April, and loved this time! In early spring, room rates will be slightly lower because it’s still shoulder season, but you have warmer days and longer nights than you find in winter. 

However, no matter when you choose to visit Quinta da Pacheca, you’ll have an incredible time! 

The hospitality of the entire team is truly exceptional. They’ve thought of every detail to make your experience at hotel Quinta da Pacheca memorable. Therefore, I would recommend visiting Quinta da Pacheca if you’re celebrating a special occasion! A birthday, anniversary, or engagement would all be perfect to celebrate at Quinta da Pacheca

Brief History of Hotel Quinta da Pacheca

Wine Barrels Portugal

Historically, a “quinta” was a family owned estate and farm in Portugal that had acres of nutrient rich land used for both economic sustenance and the family’s personal consumption. Today, the quintas remaining in Portugal still use organic and sustainable farming principles to produce quality products.  

The vines of Quinta da Pacheca date back to the sixth century! However, the first documented piece of evidence of Quinta da Pacheca dates back to  1738.

Quinta da Pacheca was the first vineyard in the Douro Valley region to bottle Doruo DOC wines and port wines under its own brand. The white, tawny, vintage and ruby styles port wines Quinta da Pacheca produces are all award-winning. 

In 1995, Quinta da Pacheca opened its doors for wine tourism. They began guided tours of the property. Word got out, and their popularity skyrocketed! In 2009, they gave guests a one-of-a-kind opportunity to stay onsite as part of their Wine House Hotel! 

Sleeping in a Wine Barrel 

Sleep in a Wine Barrel

Wake up in a vineyard in the middle of one of the most famous wine regions in the world! Hotel Quinta da Pacheca’s 10 wine barrel suites were custom designed by the hotel’s owners Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves as the ultimate luxury stay for wine lovers. 

Each barrel is about 270 square feet (25 square meters) with a maximum of two guests per barrel. All barrels include your own private bathroom with a walk-in rain shower and luxury toiletries. 

All barrels are also equipped with air conditioning (essential during the Portugal summers!) and fast WiFi is available around the property during your stay. 

My favorite feature of the wine barrels is the large “porthole” window that opens up to your private balcony overlooking the rolling vineyards. The balcony was our favorite place to watch the sunset and sip the bottle of sparkling wine we had included in our stay at hotel Quinta da Pacheca.

Book the Romantic Package  

My first tip for booking your wine barrel suite at Quinta da Pacheca is to add the Romantic Package to your reservation. The cost varies depending on the season, but it’s typically around €90-140 extra for two people. 

The romantic package includes a bottle of sparkling wine in your wine barrel on arrival, a guided tour and tasting, dinner at their onsite restaurant, and breakfast delivered to your wine barrel! 

The additional cost of the Romantic Package is completely worth the experience, especially if you’re only staying for one night. Dinner also included 3 different wines paired with your courses. 

Wine Barrel Amenities Overview  

  • WiFi 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Minibar 
  • Flatscreen TV 
  • Private Terrace 
  • Toiletries
  • Bathrobes 
  • Breakfast (delivered to your room with the Romantic Package) 
  • Dinner at their Restaurant (Romantic Package) 
  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine and Fresh Fruit (Romantic Package) 
  • Tour and Wine / Port Tasting (Romantic Package)

Breakfast in your Wine Barrel 

Breakfast in your Wine Barrel

As part of the Romantic Package, guests can choose to have breakfast delivered to your wine barrel. If you do not book the Romantic Package, breakfast is still included, but your only option to have breakfast is in the main dining room. 

 To allow guests ultimate privacy, breakfast is delivered in a secret little door in your wine barrel. After the breakfast is delivered, the team will knock to let you know it’s waiting for you. 

The breakfast includes fresh local fruit, delicious Portuguese pastries as well as hot eggs, bacon, and sausage. Hot coffee is served in a thermos along with fresh squeezed orange juice. 

We enjoyed our breakfast outside on our private terrace overlooking the vineyards. Each balcony comes with two comfortable chairs and a small table for breakfast. 

Tips for Staying at Hotel Quinta da Pacheca

Wine Barrels Portugal

Book in Advance   

With only 10 wine barrels on the property, it’s necessary to book in advance. Especially if you’re traveling during peak season from May – early October, I would recommend booking at least 4-6 months in advance. Hotel Quinta da Pacheca does not have a minimum night stay for their wine barrels. So, if you only want to stay one night (like we did!) you easily can! 

Get a Special Rate by Booking Early 

Depending on when you’re booking, Hotel Quinta da Pacheca has discounted rates for booking in advance. I love Hotel Quinta da Pacheca’s flexible cancellation policy. Depending on the time of year you’re booking, guests typically have a 5-7 day cancellation policy prior to their reservation to receive a full refund. However, be sure to look at the specific cancellation policy for your reservation in case the cancellation policy changes. 

Consider Traveling during Off Peak Season 

Hotel Quinta da Pacheca is beautiful all year long! Consider booking from January – March for discounted room rates and less crowds! 

Add the Romantic Package

Do not skip adding the Romantic Package to your reservation. Not only do you have bottles of bubbles delivered to your room, but you can opt to have breakfast delivered to your wine barrel that morning! It also includes a guided tasting and tour! The costs varies depending on the time of year you book, but it’s typically around 90-140 for two people. 

Rent a Car 

It’s essential to rent a car. We rented a car from the Porto airport, and the drive was a little over 90 minutes. When you rent a car, make sure your rental has a Portuguese toll tag. 

Set Aside Time to Explore the Property 

The entire property at Quinta da Pacheca is stunning! Set aside time to enjoy the property when you’re there. Take a walk in the vineyard, visit the gardens, or reserve a spa treatment! The hotel does an exceptional job to make the entire guest experience relaxing and enjoyable – you won’t want to leave! 

How Many Nights Should I Stay? 

One night is the perfect amount of time to stay if you want to exclusively visit Quinta da Pacheca. We arrived shortly after check-in at 3:00 and stayed until checkout the next day at 12:00.

One night allowed us enough time for a wine tour and tasting, dinner, and extra time to explore the vineyards. However, if you want to explore more of the Douro Valley, you will need more than one night. 

Wine Tasting at Quinta da Pacheca

How can you pass up a wine tasting when you’re sleeping in a wine barrel! An added bonus of the Romantic Package was that it included a tour and wine tasting for two people. 

On the tour, you’ll learn about the history of Quinta da Pacheca and how the family began their journey into wine making, tour the facilities, and of course taste the wines! Tours are available in English and in Portuguese. 

Your tasting includes Quinta da Pacheca’s white, rosé and red wines all classified as Douro DOC. DOC is the highest rank for Portuguese wines. DOC wines are produced in a specific region and are subject to strict regulations defined by their local wine commission. For the tasting finale, you’ll sample their award-winning Ports which include white, tawny, vintage and ruby style port wine.

Popover Tip: If you’re driving your own rental car the next day make sure to book your wine tasting the day you arrive, rather than the day you leave. 

Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Quinta Da Pacheca 

The Wine House Restaurant 

Quinta Da Pacheca onsite restaurant, The Wine House, has gorgeous floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Douro River. The menu is fantastic, and the Chef Carlos Pires has designed a menu that reflects  traditional Portuguese cuisine using local ingredients. 

The three courses that you are served change with the seasons. All courses are paired with wine from Quinta Da Pacheca to enhance the flavors. I recommend booking a table during sunset to enjoy the beautiful views from the restaurant

Bar at Quinta Da Pacheca 

Port and Tonic Cocktail

Have a nightcap, or pre dinner cocktail at the cozy onsite bar at Quinta Da Pacheca. This is where you can try a Port and Tonic (Porto Tonic) cocktail! It’s a slightly sweet and refreshing cocktail. I never heard of a Port and Tonic cocktail before I visited Northern Portugal! If you enjoy a gin and tonic during summer, the sweet complexity of Port and Tonic is perfect for fall. 

Food and Wine Experiences at Hotel Quinta Da Pacheca 

From May – August guests can book cooking classes, or a picnic lunch at Quinta Da Pacheca. The cooking class is €95 per person, and a picnic lunch in the vineyards is €44 per person. Drinks are included in both experiences!  More information is available on their website here

Spa at Quinta Da Pacheca 

For the ultimate relaxing vacation, book a massage at their full service spa.  You can even book a “Vineyard Bath” that includes a massage with grape seed oil. Advanced reservation is required

Weddings at Hotel Quinta Da Pacheca 

Weddings Quinta da Pacheca

Looking for the ultimate wedding venue? Quinta Da Pacheca has plenty of additional accommodations in their Wine House Hotel to accommodate a wedding. The property is stunning, and they even have a small chapel onsite! A wedding reception was set up during our visit, and the venue in the cellars was truly one of a kind! 

Cost of Staying in a Wine Barrel 

The cost of sleeping in a wine barrel varies depending on the time of year you’re visiting! For one night in a wine barrel, prices range anywhere from €480 – €280. A minimum number of nights is not required. You can reserve a wine barrel at Quinta Da Pacheca for one night! 

Flexible Cancellation Policy 

 Depending on the time of year you’re booking, guests typically have a 5-7 day cancellation policy prior to their reservation to receive a full refund. However, be sure to look at the specific cancellation policy for your reservation in case the cancellation policy changes. 

Customer Service at Hotel Quinta Da Pacheca 

We were blown away by the level of service and hospitality at Hotel Quinta Da Pacheca. They’re excellent at answering any questions promptly by email prior to your visit. The service at both the restaurant and bar were exceptional. They’ve thought of every detail to make the guest experience memorable! 

Final Thoughts: Overall Impression of Hotel Quinta Da Pacheca 

If you’re looking to surprise a wine lover in your life – look no further than a night inside a wine barrel at Quinta Da Pacheca. The service is exceptional, and the experience is one-of-a-kind. Add this to your bucket list and see for yourself what it’s like to wake up inside a wine barrel in the middle of a vineyard. Just remember to book your wine barrel well in advance!

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Hotel Quinta da Pacheca

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